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Better-Speaker is a new learning method based on the simulation of business conversations in English.

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Better-Speaker is an online solution to learn business English.

Our method consists in asking students to deal with realistic workplace situations while giving them all the necessary tools to increase their skills.

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Better-Speaker is for anyone, beginner or not, wishing to adopt best practice for communicating in English.


Because traditional methods fail to make the transition from theory to practice.


By simulating everyday work situations ("To ask for an invoice, a quotation", ...) to gather experience and practical skills: writing e-mails etc.

The essential business English

Our modules extensively cover the most important subjects of business English. For a quick, targeted and progressive learning, they are divided in several simulations. Each simulation recaps the essential words and expressions related to the subject and most importantly, teaches how to use them in realistic situations.


  • Starting a professional email
  • Stating the purpose of your email
  • Signing off
  • Closing your email
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  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Canceling or moving a meeting
  • Running late
  • Meeting's report
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  • Overview and objectives
  • Background and issues
  • Concluding a presentation
  • Answering questions
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Introducing oneself

  • Introducing oneself
  • Talking about your company
  • Talking about your professional background
  • Introducing a new colleague
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The office

  • Moving around the office
  • The front desk
  • Business tools
  • Taking a break
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