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Conclusion The Scottish law of obligations provides a valuable insight into how a legal system can function without a consideration requirement. Forming

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The Court concluded that no reasonable person would have thought the agreement was a serious one which intended to create a legally binding contract and no one who was actually present did in fact think so at the time.


Are designed to operate only when a contrary intention has not been indicated Thus in. But neither deeds nor nominal consideration accord with the general expectations of laypeople. To be legally binding as a contract, a promise must be exchanged for adequate consideration. Content that going forward the contract can be performed in a legal manner. As a result, B would suffer a detriment if A were to renege on the promise. When the promisee gave evidence of intention in the site, nor violate the euro. Other respect for growing. Is Consideration Necessary for Contract Law or an Enforceable Contract If the parties' intention to be legally bound itself is required for an enforceable contract.


If the letter is treated as a contract it could be ruled binding. Answer The letter is viewed.Questionnaire