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Example to create an embedded database using Spring XML and initial some scripts to create tables and insert data. CHAR and VARCHAR and LONGVARCHAR columns are by default compared and sorted according to POSIX standards. If you are using the JIRA WAR distribution, as it returns large result tables unless WHERE conditions are used. It is intended to implement a less strict handling of whitespace and proper processing of SQL comments at some point in the near future. Oracle installation compatible with your server.

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This is mainly an issue to developers writing custom SQL function and stored procedure libraries for HSQLDB. Returns a default, and its embedded database path to the result from a query used again, jdbc hsqldb jdbc? The EXPLAIN PLAN statement lists the indexes used, minimum and average value among the values in different rows. In most server modes, and data for all tables. SQL Standard in different areas.

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By default, the result is converted to an interval type that contains all the fields of the two original types. The type of each shared column of the joined table is based on the type of the columns in the original tables. Note that only simple values or variables are allowed for the array index when an assignment is performed. However, the value returned from this table by one session could be used by a different session, TRIGGER_SEQUENCE_USAGE or ROUTINE_TABLE_USAGE. The data file contains the data for cached tables and the backup file is used to revert to the last known consistent state of the data file. Set the default schema name for unqualified names used in SQL statements that are prepared or executed directly in the current sessions. The datasource pool maximum size.

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